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The reality of being Sarah

I seriously don’t want to write about Sarah Palin — mostly because I’d like to avoid the chorus of “Why does Sarah Palin frighten liberals so much,” since she doesn’t — but she just won’t go away. Besides, something hit me like the proverbial ton of bricks the other day, and after I cleared the rubble and dressed the cuts and scratches, I knew I should let you in on it.

And it’s this: Sarah Palin doesn’t scare us, although should she become president, that would be worse than all the Halloween movies plus Saw put together. It’s the train wreck phenomenon. We just can’t stop watching the horror. Unlike a train wreck, Palin can occasionally be amusing, but mostly it’s just the continuous unfolding of disaster, tinged with the uncomfortable knowledge that a subset of people in this country actually like her.

Hell, Willie Nelson even likes her, personally, although he isn’t so sure about her politics.

It’s as if my colleagues are colluding in broadcasting (and writing about) the biggest reality show ever. Sarah Palin’s Alaska is so unnecessary. We’ve got Sarah Palin’s America 24/7, The Truman Show with a willing participant.

And you know what? It’s embarrassing. Here’s a woman who wants to be taken seriously as a politician entertaining us with tweets and Facebook posts to the president (pick up the phone, moron), gallavanting around the country making up bullshit to say and tossing her personal family business out to my colleagues like dog biscuits.

See Sarah confront woman with “worst governor ever” sign (Gee, you think quitting half way through the term so she can get more media coverage — and jack up her bank account — had anything to do with it?). See Sarah mock herself by writing answers on her hand for Fox News interview (actually, she gets a couple of points for that, but then they’re erased because what she wrote on her hand was wrong). See Sarah make up words and compare herself to William Shakespeare. See Sarah go camping with Kate Gosselin.

All this resonates with a certain subset of the American population. The ones who think reality TV actually has some semblance of similarity to actual life. For the rest of us, it’s back to the train wreck value, at least for those of us who aren’t so disgusted with the idea of people displaying their ignorance for all to see while never realizing just how stupid they actually are (maybe Sarah could make a guest appearance on Jersey Shore).

Some days, I really miss Jerry Springer.

Remember when we were all appalled that Americans elected an actor president? Palin doesn’t even have that going for her. She’s just cultivating celebrity, just like the villains on Survivor. Name recognition, she’s got it. But celebrity doesn’t make a good president.

Certainly there’s plenty of politicians who don’t chase their names in lights who would make horrible presidents. Most of them, to be more precise. We seem to have completely forgotten what the role of the president is — to think of the greater good, to act in the best interests of the country and not some ideological ideal.

The conserverati, of course, claim Obama is doing just that. But after Robert Gibbs’ “professional left” bullshit, there is no question that’s just another rightwing lie. Not even close. Obama is looking at the big picture and trying to find his way to the greater good for all of us, but he’s too prone to giving away the farm for that illusive idea of Republican support — never gonna happen. I suppose he’s too afraid of actually being an ideological president to actually do the right thing and just push his ideas through.

Republicans don’t have that problem. They don’t give a shit about the rest of us, and Sarah is most certainly one of them. And trying to gain the presidency by building her celebrity is certainly a novel approach. But do you really want a president who is on TMZ as often as the actual news? More often, really, since what Palin does isn’t actually making news — it’s making fun of it.

Wonder how much it cost her and how long the PR firm took to come up with Lame Stream Media? Oh, so clever. And adolescent.

Wanna know what’s really lame? My colleagues pretending Sarah Palin has anything coherent to say about anything, so I guess in that respect, she’s right to label us the LSM. Not what she means, I know, but accuracy has never been her strong point.

On the other hand, the Palin ship seems to be leaking profusely, in more ways than one — including that all important “support.” ¬†Perhaps there’s hope for Americans yet, since it seems the more America sees of Palin the less we like her.

Anyway, the next installment of Sarah Palin’s American should be starting any minute now. I sure don’t want to miss her take on Levi Johnston’s run for mayor of her town.