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I was so much older then, I’m younger than that now

Gosh, I’m having a tough day. I’d really like to make fun of the new Miss America, 17-year-old Teresa Scanlan of Nebraska, who plans to go to a Christian law school for home schooled students (wow, can you imagine the intense constitutional knowledge there?) and then become a judge and later a politician, but it just seems so grotesquely unfair, not too mention easy.

I don’t know what else to say about Tucson, except that I’m still laughing over the overeager right’s attack on the closed captions on the McKale Center’s jumbotron. Seems the idiots thought that when the CC said “applause” it was a cue for the people at the center to applaud, rather than a clue to deaf people in attendance what was going on. I mean, it’s not like the University of Arizona put on all its information going out about the memorial that it would have closed captions. Oh wait, the university did do that.

I’m tired of talking about Sarah Palin. Of course, I’ve been tired of talking about Sarah Palin for months. So, why do I do that, you ask? I’m glad you did. It’s because my brain dead colleagues salivate over her every illiterate and asinine remark, as if she actually has something valuable to add to the discourse. This, of course, leads far too many to believe she does, because they don’t yet understand that most of my colleagues are brain dead. And because the political overlords at my place of employment are utterly terrified the Divine Mrs. P (interesting — I was just reminded of an S&M bar that once existed in Atlanta called Mrs. P’s, I have no idea why) might refuse to speak with them ever again (although I don’t think she does now) , I lose every battle I fight about that. Here, then, is where I can tell the truth. And besides, I love a good laugh as much as the next joker.

I’m almost to the point of hoping the pessimistic predictions of the world’s demise in 2012 will be correct. It would only be merciful. But my fondest hope is that a radical change of consciousness is what’s meant by the end of the current long count of the Mayan calendar — and “end of the world as we know it” kind of scenario, rather than and end of the world period thing. But my worst nightmare about it is that nothing at all happens on December 21, 2012, and the Mayan calendar just enters the next b’ak’tun as if it meant nothing at all.

Our political system is hopeless broken, but you know that. Nobody in Washington is willing to do anything about, and my colleagues are completely blind to it. On the other hand, the country has survived other times when the political system appeared on the brink of bringing it down. Maybe it will again. Sadly, there’s no sign of that. If that were going to happen soon, the Republicans would have no longer been a political party after 2008. Instead, the worst excuse for an opposition party, once fully in control, rolled over and died, allowing the most corrupt and uncaring party — the party of wealth and robber barons — to ascend again.


I am nearly always wrong in my political predictions, mostly because I’m rather pessimistic about it myself, and whenever I think it’s at its worst, this country surprises me. That, of course, makes me more pessimistic about it, because then I’m convinced that it can’t happen again.

But I’m only pessimistic about the short term. The long term, well, that’s already sewn up. Progress happens. The question is just how far down the conservatives will drag us, how low our bottom will be, before we collectively shake off the horrors of this last cycle of sickness and start to drag ourselves out of the mud. We used to be much admired. We’re not now, except in the delusions of the conserverati — you know, the ones who now say that Iraq should be paying us for “liberating” it. Right. That’s why they call them delusions.

I suppose it’s still possible for us to restore ourselves as a great country, an admired country — a trusted country. But that’s not gonna happen as long as we keep trying to bury the embarrassment that was WikiLeaks by refusing to deal with what those cables say about us. Yo, Wolf Blitzer. Brian Williams. All of you — I’m talkin’ to you. Quit pretending it’s some national scandal that the cables were leaked. The national scandal is what an arrogant playground bully we are.

President Obama is gonna deliver the State of the Union soon. He’s probably gonna go all austerity on us. And I thought he was a smart guy. IQ seems to drop dramatically inside the Beltway. Ever notice that?

And that reminds me of another idiocy I heard from the right — somebody noticed that Obama is grayer than he once was, and the right said he was dying his hair gray for some reason. I guess they never noticed Bill Clinton or GW Bush as their hair got grayer. Or maybe they thought that Ronald Reagan’s jet black dye was the real thing.

Hell, my hair gets grayer every day, more on some days than others. I figure it’s just because I’m in a constant state of feeling like I’m on a never-ending roller coaster.

Ah, but it’s really just one of those days. I’ll get past it. I always do.