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Stop thief!

Want more proof the National Rifle Association is an extremist group? In Pennsylvania, they lobbied and successfully blocked a law that would have required gun owners to report to law enforcement if their weapons are lost or stolen.

Can’t have that now can we? And that’s not all. Once that happened on a state level, a number of municipalities passed such laws on their own. So what’s the NRA doing now? Working with the state legislature to pass laws that will make it prohibitively expensive for those municipalities to prosecute violators.

Y’know, even if you believe that the 2nd Amendment allows citizens to have whatever type of weapons they choose with no background checks, licensing or anything else, you’d think if said assault weapons are lost or stolen, the owners would want someone to help get them back.

Otherwise it starts to sound a lot like the perps on the cop shows, don’t it? Cop: “The grenade launcher that killed Mr. X was registered in your name.” Suspect: “That launcher was stolen months ago.”

How convenient.

And speaking of extremists, did you see that the Salt Lake Tribune endorsed Barack Obama over favorite son Mitt Romney? Seems the editorial board couldn’t figure out who Mitt is now that he’s pandering after the Tea Party and other religious extremists.

Now, you may or may not know that I pretty much consider all religions cults, but this Latter Day Saints thing takes the cake. I’m sure there are good people amongst the Mormons, as there are amongst all religions, but it seems a lot of ’em know even less about where their religion comes from than your garden variety Christians do.

Seriously, this dude Joseph Smith, see, he found these golden plates buried in the dirt somewhere, written in a script he called “reformed Egyptian” that nobody’d ever heard of and then magically translated them. They had this entire history of people in North America — cities and animals and plants and metals (none of which is actually true, of course, but it’s another one of those Heavenly-Father-put-the-archaeological-evidence-in-there-wrong-just-to-test-our-faith kind of things, I imagine). Thus, the Book of Mormon.

After he finished translating the plates, he gave them back to the angel who first pointed them out to him. Eleven people claim to have seen the plates, but it’s not all that clear if they ever actually did, since even the guy who wrote down Smith’s dictated translation never saw them … and, in fact, they were not in the room when Smith did his translation.

But hey, who am I to judge? Just because Joseph Smith was convicted of fraud … oh, I didn’t mention that? See, he made his living as a treasure hunter. He’d put “seer stones” into his hat, peer into the hat and tell dupes where to find treasure, which, oddly enough, was the same method he used to translate the Book of Mormon, so he didn’t actually have to look at it while he translated. Somebody somewhere got ticked off when the treasure wasn’t there, and Smith went to court, where he was found guilty. Or not, if you believe the church, although it’s pretty clear he was into those seer stones from an early age.

Oh, and every time Smith did something stupid, like, say, getting caught cheating on his wife, he would come up with something to make it all right, like, say, plural marriage, which, incidentally, his wife wasn’t too fond of.

I dunno. I guess you can call me intolerant of other religions if you want, but then again, I’m equally opportunistically intolerant of religion. My mild-mannered alter ego considers herself Buddhist, which she says she considers more a philosophy than a religion. OK, whatever. At least she doesn’t try to foist it on other people.

Neither does Mitt, he says, but his whole family seems awful proud of the missions they do. Like Mitt, y’know, he spent all that time in Paris proselytizing instead of in Vietnam getting shot at, and Ann Romney says they’s pretty much the same thing.

Extremists. The whole damn lot of ’em.