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I wanted to write about frogs. Bullfrogs, in particular. The way even the smallest of them have deep, resonant voices. How deep, loud noises, like a plane approaching the airport or certain trucks, trigger their call. How they hunt down worms they spotted 20 feet away on level ground. In the dark. How they sit, stock still, waiting for something.

But then Sara Robinson said the S-word — sedition — and, while cautioning us not to throw that word around the way we’ve thrown “fascist” around, detailed just how seditious the American right is these days.

And a bunch of bigoted people — apparently white and black this time — pulled a stunt that was pulled a lot back when desegregation became law of the land. They held a secret, private prom, this time not telling the gay girl where it was and, in fact, sending her and a few other people they didn’t like off to the wrong location.

And the Heritage Foundation decreed that the United States is no longer free, just mostly free, not because we wiretap anybody we don’t like and torture them — that’s not part of the criteria, this being about economic freedoms —  or because the health insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies and banks have nearly ruined us — because the American people aren’t part of their criteria either — but because we have too much regulation of business and such. Of course, the seven countries ahead of the United States on their list are

Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Switzerland, and Canada, in that order.

Yes, the Heritage Foundation would be more satisfied if our economic freedoms were more in line with countries that have socialized medicine, impose higher tax rates, and in Ireland’s case, is in need of a massive bailout to prevent a catastrophe.

Oh, yeah, and Wikileaks released the video that proves at least some of our fine servicemembers aren’t and that the military covered up the killings of innocents.

And the death threats continue from the oh so reasonable right. Patty Murray got one that included some incredibly vile language along with the death threat.

Senator … Fuck you. You are fired. You are 86’ed. Fuck you, you Pike Street fucking whore. You fucking slut. Come over to Yakima and list — Come on down to Grandview and get some more spit dick there, you old fucking cunt.

And John Lewis. Well, just take a look at the phone call he got.

Yes, Bill Ves, calling from (inaudible) I ain’t gonna get no health insurance, tell that son of a bitch that, I ain’t getting the damned health insurance. That goddamned nigger, don’t tell me I gotta get some goddamned health insurance. I ain’t paying no goddamned fine. Tell that nigger he can come put my ass in jail if he don’t like it. Goddamn worthless nigger, and all them other niggers that voted for him. That nigger Obama and them white trash honkies that voted for that damned communist, socialist stuff. Dumb motherfuckers, Goddamn! I ain’t getting the goddamned mandatory health insurance from some bitch motherfuckers! Goddamn bunch of nigger,white trash honkies, sone of a bitch communist who voted for this shit. I didn’t go fight in no goddamned wart so I could be forced to do something I don'[t want to do. So fuck all y’all niggers. Fuck you John Lewis, you goddamned worthless, communist nigger.

And of course the Catholic Church’s pedophile problem continues unabated. What else but a religious organization could escape Congressional hearings and FBI investigations? Imagine. What if this had been, say, ACORN?

Republicans keep lying too. Government takeover of health insurance. Yeah right. If only. The lastest is this doozy from Newt Gingrich — the government’s plan to confiscate your retirement plans to pay for the deficit. It’d be funny if so many people didn’t believe it.

A Massey Energy coal mine blew up in West Virginia. Twenty-five dead. Massey’s CEO is a big ole teabagger named Don Blankenship. Teabaggers don’t like government regulation. Government regulation makes mines safe. Mmmm.

Know what else? ExxonMobile didn’t pay a dime in federal income tax last year. Neither did General Electric, although the company generated $10 billion in revenue. ExxonMobile, by the way, had a $45 billion profit, but it all went into the overseas accounts of subsidiaries. And we wonder why we have a deficit. Well, it ain’t government programs to help its citizens, that’s for damn sure.

John “No more cooperation from me” McCain and Joe “Fuck You” Lieberman have introduced a new bill into the Senate, one that would codify the Bush administration’s treatment of “enemy combatants” — you know, throw ’em into Gitmo or some other military brig, make it hard for them to get lawyers and don’t even bring charges against ’em. Forget civilian courts.

This is the kind of Constitution-shredding, civil liberties abolishing, tyrannical legislation you’d think would have the Tea People screaming at the top of their lungs and Sarah rethinking her support for its sponsor, John McCain. That it has slid by unnoticed with the largest screamers on the national stage right now is perhaps more troubling than the bill itself, which let’s hope dies a quick death.

Pay attention, people. Yes, I’m talking to you idiots in the tri-cornered hats yammering about crap of which you have no clue. Giving citizens access to a private, for profit health insurance market is not fascism, tyranny, or totalitarianism. Declaring U.S. citizens “enemy belligerents” and detaining them in military prisons indefinitely without trial is.

Bob McDonnell, the woman- and gay-hating Republican governor of Virginia just proved women and gays aren’t all he hates. He quietly declared April “Confederate History Month” in his state.

And if that’s not enough, former Tsalagi (Cherokee) Chief Wilma Mankiller died. She was one of my heroes, and I was privileged to meet both the chief and her husband Charlie Soap at a Martin Luther King Day celebration many years ago. Charlie and I had a long and wide-ranging conversation while we waited for the chief’s time on the stage to end.

Wilma was the Tsalagi’s principle chief for a decade, from 1985 to 1995, choosing not to run for re-election. Too many of her tribe couldn’t understand her push to bring social programs to the reservation where Andy Jackson, that son-of-a-bitch, left them to rot after driving them out of their mountains and valleys in the Southeast. They wanted the quick fixes, like casinos. Unfortunately, Oklahoma hasn’t been kind to those ideas.

The world has lost a huge section of its heart with Wilma’s death, and I have lost a friend.

Do-na-da-`go-v-i, v-ga-nu-we-u-we. To-hi-do.

And with that, the ka-nu-nu begin their nightly chorus.

Troubled waters

Ruh roh. Looks like the Grand Old Party is having some serious problems.

Couldn’t happen to a bunch of nicer guys.

First, Tony Perkins, the Jim Dobson protege who heads up the Family Research Council, calls on members to stop donating to the Republican National Committee.

I’ve hinted at this before, but now I am saying it–don’t give money to the RNC. If you want to put money into the political process, and I encourage you to do so, give directly to candidates who you know reflect your values.

Tony’s all upset onaccounta the RNC paid $2,000 for some young studs to go to a simulated lesbian bondage strip act. He’s also ticked off that the RNC hired Ted Olsen to do some legal work for them — because Olsen, a tried and true conservative — argued in favor of gay marriage before the California Supreme Court in the Prop 8 challenge.

Sarah Palin’s ticked at the RNC too. They won’t take her name off an invitation to the Southern Republican Leadership Conference, where she will be speaking. Seems she thinks the invitation makes it sound like she’ll be attending fundraisers, which she won’t. She’ll just be speaking. And for a handsome fee, I’m sure.

Speaking of Palin, y’gotta love Fox News, which hired her to host an interview show. Only apparently she won’t actually be conducting the interviews. Those will be recorded god knows how long ago. LL Cool J got wind of this and protested, so Fox sent out its usually snippy response, referring to Cool as “Mr. Smith,” his real name being James Todd Smith, and saying they are surprised he wouldn’t want to be a part of something that’s so positive and wishing him well with “his fledgling acting career.”

Of course, Republicans really have nothing to worry about. Thanks to decades of Republicans screwing with things like education, Americans are now, by and large, pretty stupid, having  been trained their entire lives to believe anything Republicans say, no matter how insane or obviously untrue.

Gotta hand to ’em on that. To turn millions of rational, thinking adults into couch potato dunces with no ability whatsoever to look at a situation and think it through — on their own — well, that’s quite an accomplishment. It must be true the good guys always finish last.

Also love the Republicans and Teabaggers now falling all over themselves to get distant from the violent, racist, bigoted base. One guy, holding a sign that used the “n” word, actually told reporters he hadn’t seen any racist slogans or anything at Tea Party rallies. Maybe that’s because he was standing behind his own sign.

Others claim nobody called John Lewis “nigger” or Barney Frank “faggot.” They also claimed nobody spit on Emmanuel Cleaver, or they did until a video showing the incident turned up. Nothing like film at 11 to put a stop to that nonsense.

And of course, not a one of the lot said anything about Republican congresscritters egging on the protesters.

They’re also falling all over themselves to get distance from the Christian terrorist cell the FBI busted up in Michigan. Well, except for those who aren’t. They’re saying it’s a free speech issue. Never heard any of ’em say anything like that about the underwear bomber. Wonder why?

And somehow, I just don’t think building bombs and preparing to kill law enforcement officers is a free speech issue. Call me crazy.

And everybody’s talking about CNN’s ratings fall. Interesting thing about that. CNN’s numbers — the number of views that count in the ratings — hasn’t changed much since last fall when the network was actually beating Fox in some of the night time demographic. What has happened is that there are significantly more viewers for cable news now than then — and virtually all of those new viewers are watching Fox.

Funny thing, that change happened almost overnight at the end of 2008. Right after we elected a black guy president. I’m not sayin’, y’all, I’m just sayin’.

Now, I don’t believe that all Republicans and Teabaggers are scum. I believe that some of them genuinely believe the non-bigoted things they’re saying, when they’re not being bigoted. But I’m pretty damn sure that most of that number have been snookered.

The problem is that it’s pretty clear they oppose things that Democrats support because they fear somebody will get something they don’t deserve and they’ll have to pay for it. And the problem with that is that they think they’re the ones who can decide who’s deserving and who’s not.

There’s the decider for you. How’s that fair and balanced-y thing working out for ya?

Which reminds me. The Catholic Church. Boy oh boy. Well, that’s probably an inappropriate thing to say, or maybe just a pun. Anyway, they’re screwed up the … never mind.

There was a prophet once, kinda Nostradamus-like, who prophesied about the popes who’d be coming up after his pope, Celestine the something. The current pope, Papa Razi? Next to last. Could it be true?

But Bill Donohue, the one-man Catholic League, thinks everything’s just fine with the Catholic Church. Like Tony Perkins. Bill is another guy who just can’t let go of the gay thing, though.What is it about these conservatives that makes them so obsessed with other people’s sex lives anyway? Bill says the church doesn’t have a child abuse problem, it has a homosexual problem, because, apparently, all gay men are pedophiles, something the rest of us know isn’t true because we’ve seen the studies that show most pedophiles are straight, even the ones who abuse boys.

But the quivery-joweled Donohue is another one of those mal-informed folks who can’t be bothered with facts.

No, that would be just too much trouble. Better to leave facts for the weak. Why mess up a perfectly good tirade with silly little facts, huh? Nobody’s gonna believe ’em anyway. We’ve been taught better than that.