Rich bastards

Now that the president has finished giving the farm to rich bastards who already owned the damn thing anyway, he’s set to sit down Wednesday and talk with those same rich bastards about how he can convince them he really does love business.

Like giving them tax breaks they’re only going to use to play the markets isn’t enough.

Part of his meeting is supposed to be about speeding up job creation. Here’s a thought. We don’t give those assholes a tax break for nothing, but we will give them one for every job they create. A small one. The more jobs, the more the break.

That’s not likely to happen. I kinda doubt anything will happen that will actually create jobs. And I say that because there’s nothing — absolutely nothing — under discussion right now, or even in a file folder on the table, that will stimulate job creation.

Didja see that word there? “Stimulate.” That’s how you create jobs — you stimulate. You need stimulus.

We had a half-assed stimulus that created jobs, but then the Republicans and the Blue Dogs got all pissy and refused to continue funding programs that were actually working.

Because, you know, if something this president does actually works, it could mess with their grand plan to get him out of office in 2012. God forbid they think of the people of this country before their own sorry asses.

I’ve ignored the news all weekend. There was something about Bernie Madoff’s son committing suicide, and everybody blaming Bernie. Really? The old man’s in prison. Mark Madoff made his own choices. He got filthy rich working for the old man, but then the world found out what old Bernie was doing.

The junior Madoff was never charged with a crime, but he was under investigation. His wife started using her maiden name instead of Madoff. And poor Mark, who lived in the same building as Jon Bon Jovi, just  couldn’t take it any more. So he hanged himself with his labradoodle’s leash while his 2-year-old son slept in the next room.

Sounds like a selfish bastard to me. One who definitely won’t be meeting with President Obama on Wednesday. And one who sure as hell wasn’t even thinking of his own family, let alone the rest of the country, on Saturday when he offed himself.

Sen. Bernie Sanders, the independent from Vermont (who is, by the way, a real, live socialist, unlike the fake one in the White House), spent several hours on the Senate floor last week talking about both the selfish bastards and the rest of the country. It wasn’t a true filibuster — there was no vote before the Senate that he was stalling. He was just talking.

He said things like “The top 1% of Americans earned nearly a quarter of all earnings in 2007, and that was more than the lowest 50% of Americans combined.” This, apparently, surprised a number of people who clearly don’t read progressive news sources for their information. They called Politifact, the St. Petersburg Times’ long-standing fact checking project, and asked for the truth. Well, what he said. That’s what was true.

More people should know that. It should be something Obama brings up when he sits down with the rich bastards on Wednesday. It won’t be. And my colleagues won’t be repeating it either, just like they won’t tell you that executive to lowest staff ratios in big corporations have risen, since the “Reagan Revolution,” from 40 or so to 1 to nearly 500 to 1.

To hear the conserverati tell it, they deserve that because they worked for it, which actually means they lined the pockets of all the right politicos and stomped in the heads of anyone who thought differently than they do. Hard work, that, while the rest of us struggle to put food on our tables.

The rich bastards don’t give a shit though. I suspect Obama already knows that, and, further, I suspect he doesn’t care. Like everyone else who’s moved inside the Beltway, he’s lost touch with reality. And now he’s gonna meet with the only people who are even more out of touch with reality than the Beltway Bandits — and that’s the sons of bitches who live in penthouses and travel by private jet.

Like Mark Madoff, who, sadly, won’t be there. To be honest, he wouldn’t have been even if he hadn’t taken the coward’s way out over the weekend. He’s not actually the CEO of a big company who could, if he really wanted to, make a dent in this crummy economy George W. Bush and his cronies left us. He’s just a guy who knew how to game the system, a chip off the old block.

The guys coming to see the president, they’re different. They’re like kings and prime ministers who must be treated with utmost respect lest they become angry and petulant and do something harsh. Like take more jobs out of the country and stash more of their cash in offshore banks.

One thing they’re not interested in is creating more jobs. They just want us all beholden to them. They want to own us.

They already do.