Hey kids, let’s do some profiling!

I contend that one can tell right-wing whackos just by looking at ’em. So how ’bout let’s test that theory out, shall we? Of course, it’s a totally unfair test since I’m both writing it and administering it, but hey, it’s my dime.

I’ll put up a coupla pics, and you tell me who’s the right wing whacko and who’s the bleeding heart liberal. Ready? Let’s go.

OK, one of those guys is the lawyer for the idiot Army medic who says he won’t serve under President Obama until he proves he was born in the United States. The other one is Mark Potok of the Southern Poverty Law Center, who has never said anything crazier than “right wing extremist groups are on the rise.” If you know the answer, don’t spill it.


One of these grlz is Martina McBride, who allows Sean Hannity to use her chilling song about breaking away from an abusive relationship as his theme song just because the name is “Independence Day.” The other is Lady Gaga.

OK, that might have been too easy. Here’s a harder one.

One is Nobel Peace Prize winner and Roosevelt Secretary of State Cordell Hull. The other is Nazi propagandist Joseph Goebbels. Look at the eyes.

How about these two:

One is Washington Gov. Christine Gregoire. The other is Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer.

How ’bout these guys? One is right wing talker Michael Savage, who makes Rush Limbaugh sound like a soft cuddly bunny, and the other is left wing talker Ed Schultz, who makes Al Franken sound like a soft cuddle bunny.

Last two, I promise.

One is RedState blogger Erick “David Souter is a goat-fucking child-molester” Erickson, the other is the Rude “Man, Republicans are some skeevy motherfuckers” Pundit.

OK, I lied. I have one more.

Who is this guy? Is he Uncle Jay, who does that really cool weekly news video on the interwebz, or is he Tom Horne, the Arizona state school superintendent whose two-year campaign to ban ethnic studies in his state (because they’re racist) was signed into law this week by Gov. Jan Brewer and who is a candidate for state attorney general who says that the AG’s post is “a man’s job” (presumably about Democratic candidate Felecia Rotellini, who, incidentally, is a former assistant attorney general)?

Seriously, we could do this all day.

But, Nunzia, you may say, You picked these images and you picked the ones that made it obvious who was who. Aside from the fact that I told you that in the beginning, I didn’t. I just entered a name and searched for it.

Like, to find a freaky image of Nancy Pelosi that isn’t photo-shopped is pretty easy. To find one that is photo-shopped, even easier.

But I didn’t go that route. I picked normal pictures of these folks, often their publicity photos.

So, how d’you think you did? Can you profile conservatives?