It’s too late, baby

Carole King wasn’t singing about the fight to save our democracy, but she might as well have been. It finally hit me this weekend, a whirlwind of a weekend it was, that it really is too late.

I see no signs of the Obama administration getting a clue, ditto the Democrats in Congress. Even our beloved progressives are too busy dissing Obama to affect any real change, not that we could even if we actually tried.

The forces of ignorance have already won, and we’re wasting our time now trying to beat them.

Better to spend that time learning how to cope with the cowardly new world we’ll be facing in January when the new conservative majority takes over.

In fact, maybe it would be better if we gave up the fight entirely and let the conservarati get really large majorities, because that’s the only way this country is gonna understand the difference between Democrats and Republicans. This is not the Grand Old Party of our grandparents. This is a new, virulently hateful and woefully ignorant Republican Party.

It’s ignorant of our country’s history and its current state of affairs, ignorant of the documents that created the country, ignorant of the ideas and beliefs of the founders and ignorant of any part of the world that isn’t just like them.

White, Christian, mostly male and decidedly cruel and greedy.

A while back, I wrote about what we could expect if the Republicans take over Congress this cycle. I’d advise a look at the whole thing, but here are some of the things I predicted then that we’ll face beginning on January 4, 2011:

  • At least some repeal of the health care legislation, if not all.
  • At least some repeal of the financial reform legislation, if not all.
  • More Congressional hearings on “scandals” than you can possibly imagine.
  • More good people driven from their jobs because of the conservarati noise machine than ever in the history of this country.
  • Less protections for those who need it most.
  • More spying, more torture and no attempt to hide it.
  • Less regulation on business.
  • No enforcement on regulations already in effect.
  • Drilling in ANWR.
  • More offshore deepwater drilling.
  • No money for innovation and invention.
  • More war.
  • Less civility.
  • More hate.
  • An anti-gay marriage Constitutional amendment.
  • A hogtied Justice Department.
  • More tax cuts for the rich.

As I said then, that’s just what the national GOP has told us about. There’s plenty more, and most of that is far worse than what I’ve listed here. The Blue Dogs and some of the national Republicans themselves may find that they’ve gone so far out on the limb to get elected that they really have left the land of reality. It’s going to be quite a surprise when they see what their Tea Party brethren have in store.

And it’s going to be particularly unpleasant for us. We’ve already been branded traitors, and while the Bush administration didn’t whole heartedly jump into that one — what they did was bad enough — the next Republican majority Congress is going to make us utter pariahs.

Tennesseans set fire to construction equipment at a mosque in Murfreesboro over the weekend. Glenn Beck rallied the ignorant at the Lincoln Memorial, claiming he was reclaiming the civil rights movement. From what, I wonder? Actual human beings? He’s already tacitly encouraged several terror attacks (the failed attack on the Tides Foundation, the dead policemen in Pittsburgh) that have cost the lives of several law enforcement officials. My colleagues won’t pin it on him, and even the 10 or 15 remaining moderate conservatives in the country won’t dare do that either. And how many times have the conservatives blocked unemployment benefits extensions?

We thought the world was upside down during the Bush administration. Well, my friends, those conservatives have now lost any resemblance to our grandparents’ conservativism and have, instead, adopted the conservative values of the Robber Barons and their kapos — the ones who actually did the dirty work while still remaining the near slaves of the filthy rich.

I suppose I should tell you why it’s too late. It’s our fault. Me and my colleagues. We abdicated our responsibility to explain, instead opting for a career as stenographers. Instead of saying, “Glenn Beck is a raving lunatic,” we brought on one from column A and one from column B and let them have their spin. No explanation of what any of it means, nothing. And now, it’s too late. The ignorant don’t care about the facts. They don’t believe us when we tell the truth. They’ve just latched onto what sounds good to them — and the conserverati are very good at spinning their bullshit so that it sounds good to people who can’t be bothered turning off the latest from Bristol Palin and Paris Hilton to learn anything about this country or its government.

I’m sorry, I truly am. I tried to make it better, I really did. But my colleagues are too enamored with themselves and their plush gigs inside the beltway to understand what’s happened out in the real world.

So what do we do? Nurture your friends. Stay close. Help where you can. Keep a low profile, if you feel you must, otherwise keep screaming the truth.

The next election is only two years away. After two years of the madness that awaits us, one of two things will happen — we’ll succomb to the brutality and ugliness, or we’ll have finally had a enough. If it’s the former, and I had to venture a guess, I’d guess this country will splinter. If it’s the latter, we’ll see a resurgence of true progressivism and, perhaps, the final days of this ugliness. There’ll still be conservatives, but they won’t be the batshit insane ones we have now.

Either way, though, looks like the Mayan calendar was right. 2012 will be the end of the world, as we know it.